Why did you have to Leave?

What death takes away from us

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Beautiful. Sexy. Strong. Faithful. Loving. Cheerful. Confident. Honest. Blant. Funny. Woman with an oomph. Adoring. Caring. Lovely. Go-getter. Factually Brutal. True. Faithful. Gorgeous. Tough. Mature. Engaging. Arousing. Best. Better. Good. Certain. Clear. Sure.

You are the only one who’s brought all those qualities better as a package, better that anyone I’ve ever met. A complete package.

I’ll never forget the true kisses we had.

With you I could forget all the troubles in the world. Time stood, we held the hour glass. I wish we just kept the glass. We just had to keep flipping it. Just flipping. For hours. You wanted to hold it forever.

The normal girl I don’t want to miss

Why did you have to leave without a notice? What are we supposed to do?

The last phone call. We just talked. We didn’t want it to end. We had missed each other due to some unfortunate happenings. You said you missed me, indirectly, I did too.

You said I should come to our joint. I was supposed to but I never did. I wanted to purely visit my good friend. A true friend. Nobody wanted to end the phone call.

If I don’t find you with the angels then I guess it won’t be fair.

You were the complete, ultimate, wonderful woman.

A role model.

An achiever.


A doer.

You never felt sorry about being honest, speaking out.

If I’m on earth long enough should I name a child after you, God Bless.

I guess it’s not too much to ask.

It’s me, and I’ll do it for you.

Why did you have to leave?

Couldn’t it wait?

The Queen of my time

Am sure I am gonna find you with the angels, Wambui.

Laughing and waiting.

Waiting to pinch my nose.

Why did it happen?

Maybe you’re somewhere lingering close and you can read this. Please read this. Why didn’t I tell you this?

Why didn’t I just meet you before you left.

We should have.

We would have.

We could have, just kept close.

Loving. Warming. Calming. Holding hands. Looking at each other in the eye. Just cuddling.

And drinking that stupid Guinness. And wishing it was night always.

Why didn’t I just make it happen for you.

I could have. I should have. I would have.

You were such a lovely woman. Why did I not take your hand. Why didn’t you just slap me and make me believe. You made me believe. You made me whole. You made me love. You made me whole again.

I wish…. I just wish… I’ll always wish…

How do I describe you without prejudice?

Easy. Economic. Federal. Free but needy. Full. Good. Better.

The Best — You always did better.

Great. Hard. Difficult. Real. Awesome. Spiced. High — In all ways. Human . Important. International — in my heart. Large. Little — Only to me. Local — remember the local bars we had to go through. Low. Major . Military. New — always fresh.

Only — …only girl who could make me feel whole.. apolitical — just for us. Doer. Real. Decent. Right. Small — only to make us happy. Social — that’s my girl. Special — You always made me feel special. Strong the strongest! Sure — kama bet! True. Whole. Young — We wanted to forever be young!

I will miss you Wambui.

I just want to be reconnected to you, so we can have fun again. And again. And again. Forever. Just the two of us.

Wambui Joyce Thuo.

Rest in Peace.

I’ll never meet anyone like you.

You didn’t have to go. Please promise me that we’ll meet again.

Let’s meet again girl.

Waiting to dance with you again, to our favourite song…

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